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recommendations on IT retailers in Israel?

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  • recommendations on IT retailers in Israel?


    I am working doing support for an organisation in Jerusalem. Loving it, but takes getting used to the heat, hecticness and not been able to get proper learning of Hebrew yet.

    I need to get a NAS for out organisation. We have a Mac used as a file server and it died yesterday.

    I told my boss I think we need some kind of smalll freestanding network storage drive, needs to be 1Tb+ (prefer 1.5 or 2) with two drives in a mirrored array for redundancy. I would prefer a good brand like Netgear or Linksys etc. 3yr+ warranty. Not sure what kind of budget we have to spend.

    Anyone else here in .IL can point me in the direction of a retailer, either a physical one in Jerusalem or something online with good prices and service?



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    Re: recommendations on IT retailers in Israel?

    I would usually recommend a PC with a RAID card, running FreeNAS or OpenFiler. I have never found a cost effective NAS I could rely upon for use in a production environment - secondary backups only. And even then, I was reluctant to do so. The offerings I've tried from Netgear, Raidsonic (Icy Box) etc have been pretty dire.
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