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  • Wd 2.5" Drives

    What does everyone think about the new Western digital 2.5" drives ? - 1tb and 750gb

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    Re: Wd 2.5" Drives

    as they've only just been released I'm holding back for a bit. That said I do have one of their 500Gb offerings in my MacBook (yes, I use things other than MS! ) and it's been fantastic so far.
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      Re: Wd 2.5" Drives

      Always been good drives for me.


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        Re: Wd 2.5" Drives

        Just so I don't have to what is the warranty on the drives? On the 3.5" of that capacity you get 5 years, just like the Raptor.

        To answer my own question, 3 years. These drives only spin at 5,200rpm. Why would you want something so big in a laptop and have such a slow spin. There is a performance difference of 35% between a 5,400 and 7,200rpm drive. I would opt for performance rather than capacity. Time to get my 500GB 7,200rpm 2.5" HDD. Bet those puppies have dropped in price now.
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