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  • scsi card help

    I have a dell optiplex gx260 with XP as the os . I will use in my parts dept. I would like to install an adaptec 2930cu card. My objective: to connect a dvd-rom tower to the desk top which contains my parts catalog disks.Would the boot process assign the scsi as drive c? thanks

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    Re: scsi card help

    Not unless you set the BIOS to boot from the SCSI device. If you leave the BIOS settings as is then all should be ok.

    As a better alternative, convert the CD (for the tower) to an ISO format and then use something like Daemon Tools and setup a Virtual Tower. Access will be a lot faster than having a physical tower. The is also then a lot less of a chance of the ISO suffereing a lockup if more than 1 person tries to access the same CD at the same time. This is a common problem with physical CD Towers.
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