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Computer Mystery??

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  • Computer Mystery??

    I got a computer off of a guy I know. When I went to his house, The comptuer was on. I checked some specs out, then turned it off. I then remembered I wanted to check something else out, so I turned it back on and checked it out. After I was done, I turned it off. I then left with the computer.

    One hour later, I get to my house and plug everything in. Computer turns on, but I hear no POST. The hard drive beeps, I can hear it spin, then start accessing data. Here is all of what I have done.

    I have unplugged everything and re-plugged it back in.
    I have switched Power supplies.
    I have put in a graphics card (was using on-board).
    I have tried 1 RAM stick at a time (Trying new RAM here in the hour hopefully).
    I have tried a new Hard Drive.
    I have tried re-setting the CMOS.
    I have tried a known-working monitor.
    The CD-Drive WILL open when the computer is on.

    I am honestly out of ideas. I hear no POST. How can 1 hour of doing nothing just kill a brand new-built computer?

    Any ideas?

    Going to include the specs:

    ECS A740GM-M Motherboard
    X-Power 585 Power Supply.
    2x2 GB Gskill DDR2 800 PC2-6400 RAM
    AMD Athlon x2 7400 (I think?) Black Edition
    250GB Sata Hard drive
    IDE DVD Drive.

    I have changed the RAM, no help.
    I have taken everything out, and put it back in and no help.

    The motherboard beeps 3 times when you take the RAM out (AMI) but no POST beep code. Still no video Been working it for about 6 hours now....


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    Re: Computer Mystery??


    Sometimes when computers are moved some of the internal componants are jiggled and they need to be re-seated.

    Is this beeping coming from the speaker connected to the motherboard - i haven't seen a beeping hard drive yet.

    I would make sure all the componants are seated correctly and power-up with the side cover off.

    Does the CPU fan come on? Does the network card light up? It sounds like you can hear the hard drive working - does the activity light come on?

    Are you sure nothing was removed/altered prior to your return?

    If you can access the CMOS page it isn't your monitor, although you need to make sure the BIOS is using your new card and not the on-board one.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Computer Mystery??

      It only beeps when I take the RAM out (3 short, for AMI). The hard drive isnt really a beep, it sounds more like a motor starting, its an odd sound haha.

      I have made sure everything is secured, i have taken EVERYTHING out and put it back in, so its all secure.

      The CPU fan comes on, the CD-Drive will open.

      The hard drive light DOES NOT come on, but still doesnt explain not being able to even access BIOS or anything.

      I have tried with and without graphics cards, and with different Power supplies.

      Nothings was unhooked when I checked it.


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        Re: Computer Mystery??

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          Re: Computer Mystery??

          Thanks, didn't know where to put it


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            Re: Computer Mystery??

            ah, so no video output at all. for some reason i read in to it that you could access the BIOS. Does your monitor display an error when no signal received but switched on? Does this change when you press the power on button on the computer?

            when in the sellers home, did you view the computer working with the monitor plugged in to the motherboard or graphics card?


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              Re: Computer Mystery??

              There was no graphics card in it when I got it. I did view it on their monitor, I also turned it off and on myself.

              I cannot access the BIOS at all.

              Not sure if this is just the monitor, but if the DVI cable is NOT plugged into the onboard and/or video card, it will come up and say "No signal." If the cable IS plugged into the onboard and/or video card, it will say "Power Saving Mode" and then just go black.

              Not sure if its just doing that because technically its completing the circuit, but im just baffled at this.


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                Re: Computer Mystery??

                OK, so you viewed the computer working at the sellers with their monitor plugged in to the onboard graphics and have tried a graphics card at your home as a substitute? The problem could be that their was a problem (such as loose RAM) although another has been introduced by adding an additional Grpahics card and not being able to POST and configure it - usually you add the driver first.

                You mention DVI. Is there a VGA connector next to it you could try? Sounds like the monitor is working, but you could always confirm with another machine if you have one.

                I would try resetting the BIOS (look for the 2 pins with "clr" on them near the battery) and plugging a known monitor in to the VGA port.

                If in doubt, follow the guide and let us know how you get on.


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                  Re: Computer Mystery??

                  When I got home, I tried the onboard Video on my monitor (both DVI and VGA). I also tried another monitor out in our living room. Nothing came up. At work today, I tried it on two seperate monitors (both DVI and VGA) with the onboard and graphics card I put in.

                  Ill try to clear the BIOS and let you know what happens

                  Thanks for the help so far Simon!


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                    Re: Computer Mystery??

                    Try this
                    Unplug and then hold the power button for 20 seconds.
                    Plug back in and power on.
                    Worth a shot.
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                      Re: Computer Mystery??

                      I cleared the CMOS, no luck.

                      I unplugged it and held the power button in for 20 seconds, and no luck either

                      I went through the guide, and made sure everything is where it should be, and it is.


                      Can add something I just noticed.

                      The LED on the Power button AND CD-Rom drive are blinking (Green). On for about 2 secs then off for about 2 secs. Rinse and Repeat.
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                        Re: Computer Mystery??

                        Remove the video card and use the onboard one. Once in the BIOS see if there is a setting for disabling the onboard graphic adapter.

                        Is the video card you installed a PCI, AGP, PCI Express? If PCI Express what is it, PCI-E 8, 16 as you may have one that will not work in that motherboard.
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                          Re: Computer Mystery??

                          I can't get into the BIOS....thats the thing. NO video is being output to the screen. Screen doesnt even go from Orange to Blue on the light (Acer).


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                            Re: Computer Mystery??

                            Is changing the power supply an option? It sounds like it is not feeding correct voltage to the MB somewhere.
                            Two things:
                            1) If I wrote something wrong please please please let me know. I want to know ESPECIALLY if I am wrong.
                            2) I have a tendency to write things that are misconstrued as being agressive or not so pleasant. That is not my intent.


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                              Re: Computer Mystery??

                              i had similar problems with an old mobo:

                              first try different ram, ram you know works

                              check cpu or have on hand another cpu for your board

                              reset jumper settings

                              remove batt

                              disconnect power wait ten minutes

                              plug monitor to onboard vga

                              turn on and leave jumpers alone on reset you should post and it should turn off

                              now replace batt

                              return jumpers to original settings and everything should be load to default on start up and turn on you should see post

                              if not maybe new mobo is your best bet

                              this process worked for me and had no problems since.