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Increasing server storage

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  • Increasing server storage


    we are looking to increase the capacity of the storage that our server have

    right now we have 2 [serial scsi 72GB RAID 1
    we are hosting the Domain controller on the same storage

    we are looking to increase the capacity without affecting the AD and the DNS which are hosted on the same drives.

    what is your suggestions?
    can we use more HDD size ? i mean can we buy another 2 [/FONT][FONT=&quot]serial scsi 500 GB
    and install it, or we should use the same type, size and model of the current HDD for the upgrade?

    also to make it clear i want to increase the current HDD, i don't want to add another stored which will be treated as different partiotion

    thank you

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    Re: Increasing server storage

    What is the hardware of your server? Manufacturer, model? What is the model of your RAID controller?
    RAID1 is not expandable. To move from RAID1 to RAID5 or 6 you'll need to rebuild your data (at least from the theoretical point of view). When you'll post the details, the picture will be clearer...

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      Re: Increasing server storage

      HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Server

      and yes RAID 1 is applied


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        Re: Increasing server storage

        HP's onboard RAID tools are quite easy to use, but whether or not you can change RAID levels on the fly I don't know.

        If you want to increase the size of the current partition and not create a new one, your only option (if HP support it ) would be to purchase more hard drives the same size as the existing ones, break the RAID 1 mirror and then build a new RAID 5 array incorporating the new disks.

        I would doubt that this is supported though, so personally I would add a couple of large disks in RAID 1 as a new partition and use this as a data partition with the OS etc on the existing partition. I realise this is not what you want to do, but it's preferable to have to rebuild the whole server from scratch which is what you will need to do if you can't dynamically build a RAID 5 from a RAID 1.
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