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  • Printer Woes

    Hi Folks

    We recently leased an OcÚ CS193 multi-function printer/scanner/fax/email with a fiery controller. The device is really made by Konica-Minolta but has an OcÚ badge on the front.

    We have had it for two weeks and have had nothing but problems with it.

    Does anyone else use a fiery controller? Have you had any problems with it or does it work fine?

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    Re: Printer Woes

    Moved to hardware forum
    I met such a device many years ago (it was hot stuff then.... ) and you would probably be better with manufacturer support
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      Re: Printer Woes

      Thanks, Ossian

      The woes are the result of the supplier's support. We have had engineers out to install it and to 'fix' configuration issues several times.

      I wanted to know if anyone had a fully functioning fiery device or whether they have experienced problems setting it up and using it.

      I am hoping that our troubles will be sorted by next week.

      A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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        Re: Printer Woes

        Well after nearly three weeks of engineers, 'DSE's', several emails and many 'phone calls, OcÚ are going to replace it.

        I really hope it is worth it.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy


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          Re: Printer Woes

          I'm familiar with Fiery in Xerox DocuColors. I've never been able to pinpoint if the trouble we have with them is the Xerox itself, the users who use them or the Fiery print server. Personally, I didn't know Fiery was in anything other than Xerox machines. Intersting to know. But then again, I don't do much with printers... they're a necessary evil if you consult me. They'll shortly become an unnecessary evil if the long-awaited paperless future dawns. That's about the time that I'll retreat into my cave system.
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            Re: Printer Woes

            The support guys believe there is a hardware error. The problem we had was that the engineers they sent out were not completely familiar with fiery controllers in CS193 printers. Take out the Fiery Controller and the engineers would not have had any problems.

            However, even after the main support guy was here it still went wrong - I'm not completely convinced that this story is finished...
            A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy