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OL2003 calendar not responding

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  • OL2003 calendar not responding

    Hi all,
    one of the users in our organization cannot create new items in the outlook 2003 sp2 calendar. There are no error messages, it just hangs when she presses NEW or tries to right-click the calendar to create a new item. I unchecked all the Add ins, which sometimes causes the problem, and it was solved for a week or so but then reapeared, even when all the add ins are unchecked.
    we are using exchange server 2003 and windows xp sp2.
    any suggestions?

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    Re: OL2003 calendar not responding

    I have a user who is experiencing the same thing. He has thus far been able to reboot each time and then able to add and edit appointments in his calendar. but it has come back several times now and is very irritating. also interesting to note that he has access to a couple of other peoples calendars and they are working fine. it is just his.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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      Re: OL2003 calendar not responding

      So far it has happened at least 4 times and each time rebooting has allowed him to continue working.
      i have tried updates to outlook
      i have tried deleting and recreating his mail profile
      i have tried detect and repair in outlook

      nothing has permanently fixed the problem.

      if anyone finds a solution, please share and i will do the same.

      Thanks for sharing at least i am not the only one!