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    Today I uploaded a PDF to a site so that it could be converted into a MS Word file. The file that was created was in fact an rtf, but not a problem.

    The rtf that was created was 766KB. If I open it in Word 2003 and save it without making any changes, or click Save as - rtf, each time the file size jumps from 766KB to 47MB.

    The original PDF is 70.5KB and contains a banner that stretches across the top of two pages.

    Anyone know why this happens?
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    Re: RTF filesize

    This link suggests it may be to do with review features:

    You might also want to check this link: which suggests embedded picture (the original PDF possibly?)

    What happens if you save it as a .doc or Select All, Copy then paste into a new doc?
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      Re: RTF filesize

      I have just had another look at it and realised that the rtf's pages are all images with text boxes. Even when I compress the images for web viewing, the file size changes to 42MB.
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        Re: RTF filesize

        Thanks for the reply.

        When I select all and copy it into a new document and save it as a Word doc, the file size is 299KB. If I then try to save-as from the .doc to .rtf the file size jumps to 42MB.

        I want to save it as an rtf because this is an application form that is being emailed out - two copies have already been sent, but if the recipients try and edit and then save it, they will not be able to send it back via email. And, we cannot assume that everyone uses MS Word.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy