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Excel 2003 Save Issues

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  • Excel 2003 Save Issues

    I have a user that is using Excel 2003 and opening files located on her home drive. When she opens them and makes changes to the spreadsheet, she normally clicks Save and it saves the file. BAU here; nothing new to anyone.

    Now for some reason she goes to save the file and it does not save the file as the file she was working from. For example:

    #2 List.xls (is the original file name)
    007C4E000 (is what is creates with no extension when she does save it)

    It is like this random numbered sequence file is a "dump" or a temp of Excel. However the funny thing is you open that file up, Excel will open it and the changes that have been made are there.

    It does not prompt you to say Windows cannot open this file...What program do you want to use to open this file. None of that. Excel will open it with out any issues.

    The only way around it is to make sure that the original file is closed and then save the file with no extension as the original file; over writing the file.

    EU is getting pretty upset and I have checked the share permissions, file permissions, event logs and everything is set the way it should be. And I am not even sure what to call this to look it up on the web.

    The only thing that was changed was a BIOS and Keyboard driver update done on Tuesday. But this issue was preexisting before that update.

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    Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

    So now I am getting this same type of issue on a Windows 7 pro desktop running Office 2010. It is only in Excel where this is happening.

    Office is updated, OS is updated. This is so random, it doesn't happen everyday or on every file. Totally out of the blue.


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      Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

      What antivirus? Both on the clients and on the file server.
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        Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

        first of all send what error giving then we can give you ans


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          Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

          Originally posted by sunil otari View Post
          first of all send what error giving then we can give you ans
          this situation is not the sort of thing that gives an errror, and that's why it's so annoying and hard to troubleshoot.

          op - is this one file, or every file? Does it only occur with Excel?
          when the file is given the random name, is it renamed, or created as a new file?
          what happens if you try and perform same function on a different folder, say a local drive
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            Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

            Originally posted by gforceindustries View Post
            What antivirus? Both on the clients and on the file server.
            Trend Micro on both


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              Re: Excel 2003 Save Issues

              On the XP desktop, it is not logging the event. But on the Windows 7 desktop it is logging it.

              Let me get that info.

              From what my users have told me, it is one file for the each of them; to date two in total. Only Excel.

              If they have a file called "New Spreadsheet 1.xls" when they go to save it, from what I have gathered from them is that Excel tells them that it can't save the file and then Excel either locks up or crashes all together. So when they go to the folder to re open the file they just tried to save, the "New Spreadsheet 1.xls" is there, with the changes made not saved (because it didn't save).

              There are these unknown files with random numbers, 007C4E000 for example, that now appear in the folder. If you use Excel to open that unknown file, it is the actual Excel file that has the new data in it. From there they can save it as whatever they want to, with on errors from Excel. I have been telling them, if this file has the correct and most recently updated data entered, then over write the original file with this one. (If not I and they will have a version nightmare to deal with)

              It appears to only be on the users Home drives. With that said, it seems like it is only one nested folder, but either they have not told me other wise.

              What I will do is pull next time it happens is put that file on the local drive.