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Access 2003 DeleteObject options

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  • Access 2003 DeleteObject options

    I inherited an Access DB that runs early each morning in a Scheduled task. (Why they set it up as a Scheduled task is beyond me as it sits there for hours waiting for me to come along hours later and click "OK" at every step, but I digress.)

    To keep it simple, there are three steps in the macro.

    DeleteObject "Table"
    Run a series of macros
    Save results in new "Table"

    Problem is, if "Table" does not exist (because of other badly written Access macros that run previously), it errors out at step 1 until I come along and create it, then re-run the macro to delete it.

    There has to be a better way. Is there any way in Access 2003 (We do not use VB) to either overwrite a table without deleting it, clear the contents of a table, or use 'If then' style logic to get over the fact that the table they are trying to delete has already been deleted.