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Can't insert some pictures from file into Word 2003

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  • Can't insert some pictures from file into Word 2003


    In Word, we often do insert > picture > from file (always from UNC path) and usually it works fine. But often, when we have browsed to choose the picture from a jpeg from a UNC path on the server, all we get is a red cross (which normally indicates "picture not available" I believe).

    I have tried making a copy of the picture file (jpg) by CTRL+C --> CTRL+V but still I am unable to insert the copy of the file into Word. However, if I open the jpg in Windows Picture anf Fax viewer, then save it (using the same filename) I can then insert the picture into Word fine.

    They use Offline files a lot, and this share does have offline files enabled. Do you think that is contributing to the problem? Or how else could I approach diagnosing it?

    many thanks in advance.
    Best wishes,
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    Re: Can't insert some pictures from file into Word 2003

    It may be due to the jpg version. Or it may simply be there is something odd about the file. I have experienced the same thing and we deal with 1000's of images. As you say, saving the file as a jpg, or converting it to bmp etc and converting it back will also work. Never understood why it happens, though.
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