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  • Office 2000 Word Error

    I am using Win XP and MS Office 2000 Word. After years of using the program with no problems, I started to get the following error when I try to Save a file in Word:
    "Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error."
    I have tried various suggestions, all unsuccessful, including removing (Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel) Ofice 2000 from my PC and re-installing from CD. The go around that works is to save a file using Save As, but this is cumbersome and not satisfactory.
    The problem does not seem to be a file permission problem, since it occurs both with file that have no file attributes marked and with files that have some attributes marked (eg Archive).
    When attempting to Save a file
    Has anyone had this problem and solved it. Thanks.
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    Re: Office 2000 Word Error

    it sounds like a file permission issue on the file or folder rather than a Word 2000 error.

    Ar you in a corporate environment?

    It's possible your file has been made Read-Only, it's also possible there may be some minor disk corruption.

    does this happen with ALL files ?
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      Re: Office 2000 Word Error

      I get this response to all files. I have Googled the error message and have found this to have been a widespread problem in Word 2000 in the past. However, none of the suggested solutions in the articles found cured the problem.
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        Re: Office 2000 Word Error

        Have to agree with tehcamel. Do you get the same error when trying to save a file to the same location using a different application? If you do, you need to make sure that your user account has permission to write to the Save destination.
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          Re: Office 2000 Word Error

          Create a text file with notepad. Open it up with word and try saving. Then create a txt doc in Word and save, edit, then re-save. What happens?
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