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Problem with Outlook 2003 filtering rules

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  • Problem with Outlook 2003 filtering rules

    Hi, folks

    I have just started using Outlook 2003. I use it to POP3 an account on our mail server (Mercury/32). The account only contains messages from one sender (generated by monitoring software).

    My problem is that although I have set up quite a few rules to separate messages into dedicated subfolders off a root folder, I have discovered that these rules are not being applied as I was expecting.

    The rules have been arranged so that certain rules are processed before others. These were created by copying and pasting unique text from the relevant message body to the rule. The last rule, which filters by sender address, places remaining messages in a catchall folder.

    The rules are applied to all incoming mail (Inbox). When I initially fire up Outlook and it imports new mail it will be sorted correctly. However, if the program is left open, quite a few messages will be placed in the catchall folder when they should have been moved by a rule to a different subfolder. It is as if certain rules are being skipped. Messages are arriving all the time so this is not satisfactory.

    If I open the Rules and Alerts dialog and apply the rules to the catchall folder, the messages are moved to the correct subfolder.

    I've had a look at the help, but it is incredibly basic and I cannot find anything useful.

    Does anyone have any useful hints or tips on how I can resolve this, please?

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