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Mail not delivered

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  • Mail not delivered

    I'm using pop3 on outlook 2003 with authenticated smtp to send out mail. Weird thing is mail seems to be going out (giving no errors) but then it does not get delivered. No ndrs.

    I used an email tracking program, and then suddenly the mail gets delivered.

    Thing is, we use [email protected] and smtp mail is fine. However, using this pop3 account [email protected], and it doesn't work.

    I can telnet fine to the smtp server, and it gives me a response, however still no mail delivery using The user alternates between offices in the week, and at his other location, where the server is sitting he has no problems, and he is using his own smtp at the alternate office. It's a linux box, and we are running sbs 2003.

    Any ideas ? I've set the ip on our firewall to send mail with. I've also set domain2 up to send mail, even though [email protected] is only a username to retrieve mail. The smtp is my isp's of course.

    I've let the isp know about the problem, and they will get back to me, but was wondering if anybody has any ideas ?