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Outlook 2002 - icon gets pasted into notes section of contact instead of the text

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  • Outlook 2002 - icon gets pasted into notes section of contact instead of the text

    I recently started using Outlook 2002, part of the Office XP package. I use Windows XP, all upgraded with the latest service packs, same with Office XP. With this version when I copy some text from another file created in Word, Notepad, and other sources - when inserted into the notes section down below in the CONTACTS part of Outlook, all that gets put there is a small icon that looks like a floppy disk. If I paste it somewhere else like a general text file and then paste it back over, the text is fine (no icon). I can even paste it up above in the address field, where it shows up with proper text, then copy it again and paste it into notes down below - then the text is fine. (no icon)

    The properties of this icon says it is a Picture (Device Independent Bitmap) file. One option when right clicking over it, is EDIT PICTURE OBJECT, but when I select that, if states "Object is static. Operation not allowed." I suspect this has something to do with the clipboard changing the format to a photo type file, but I can't find information on the internet or your forums about this. Maybe I missed it or am not describing it correctly, and if you need more information and direct me to check something out, I certainly will. I am fairly experienced with all this, but everyone hits a wall sometime.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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