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  • Word not opening


    I am having a problem with a user account can't open word, the rest of office 2000 (excel etc) opens fine.

    The square box opens at the beginning and word will open if there is a doc file already available to click on. So she can just use file and new to create new documents.

    The user has been granted access in the ntfs file permissions and is in the same OU and users that can access word from the PC.

    The user was able to access word via the shortcut just before the problem.

    I have repaired the office installation and then reinstalled it and nether has worked.

    I have also tried system restore just in case it was a update or something.

    I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem?

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    Re: Word not opening

    Have you tried deleting the Normal.Dot file from her account? Corruption in that file can result in the behaviour you are seeing.
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      Re: Word not opening

      Thank you, That worked!