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Importing Outlook Rule *.RWZ

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  • Importing Outlook Rule *.RWZ


    I'm trying to export a rule to move a specific email into a specific folder.
    As part of testing, When attempting to import the rule on another user's client I get the following message when clicking ok "Some of your rules do not have all their options set. If you save your rules, these rules with missing options will be deactivated. Do you want to save your rules?"

    I believe this is due to each folder having a unique identifer, does anyone have a workaround other than creating a pst file and creating a folder in there for the rule and then deploy to all users?

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    Re: Importing Outlook Rule *.RWZ

    Does the mailbox you're importing the rule to have the same folder for the rule as the original mailbox? For instance, if the rule moves the email to a folder called SAVE and the mailbox you're importing the rule to does not have a folder called SAVE, then that's what is causing the message regarding missing options.