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    I run a daily News Page at LINK REMOVED of contributions sent to me most days. I often need to convert untidy emails involving graphics to web pages, by removing such as addresses and unnecessary massive TPI print, and interline spacing so loved by some senders. I initially do this by saving the email as an MHT file, strangely for some reason this option is something MS do not seem to mention anywhere. This simplifies the storing and uploading of such web pages. This then enables me to edit the MHT using MS Word.

    However unlike when I am able to save emails only involving text as HTM files, it seems impossible for anyone to download copies of the MHT pages using IE File / Save, to include the graphics. Since I have no objection to anyone saving copies of any contributions, as presumably this is why friends send them to me in the first place, can anyone suggest a simple way of allowing visitors to download all the MHT files including the graphics. I do not want to have to convert then to HTM pages as this will mean creating folders for all the graphic images, and I handle far too many to get involded in complex coding.

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