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Problem connecting to Access DB on workgroup server

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  • Problem connecting to Access DB on workgroup server

    We have a workgroup network of 3 PC's in our small office. One PC is set as the workgroup server and the other 2 PC's connect to it using a mapped drive to access folder and files to share between us. All three computers are on XP-Pro; Office PC-1 is using MS Office 2002; Office PC-2 is using MS Office 2007.

    Problem: Office PC-1 (OPC-1) cannot open any of the MS Access databases. We receive error message that OPC-1 cannot open database. We can copy the database to the desktop on OPC-1; open it; add data; save it; then copy back to the mapped drive on workgroup server. All other MS office files (Word and Excel) can be opened from the mapped drive with no problem.

    Office PC-2 (OPC-2) has no problem connecting to, opening and saving any of the MS Access databases, Word or Excel files on the mapped drive.

    Anyone have a clue as to the possible problem? Have checked several of the settings on both PC's to see if they match but cannot seem to find the problem. WE NEED HELP!!!!