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OU2003 strange archiving behaviour

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  • OU2003 strange archiving behaviour

    I post this message on Outlook forum but didn't receive any replies.
    I saw questions related to OU on this forum, so my question:

    I found a strange archiving behaviour in OL2003.
    In archive I set Older than June 1 08 and selected Sent items.
    Named the file May-08.

    After Archiving finished there are still May messages (about 30 in Sent folder). The archive that was done for may contains the rest.

    I renamed the file and tried again to archive Sent items of May. It created 265K file but didn't archive anything (when open file it's empty.

    Than, I tried May, June. It's partially archived June...

    What's that?

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    Re: OU2003 strange archiving behaviour

    Maybe because nobody has a solution to your problem. With the number of posts you have you should know by now how we feel about double posters.

    As previously stated by a Moderator, telling us you have posted in another Forum does not absolve you from breaking the rule and it is very clear.

    This is a link to the original thread.

    This thread shall be closed but the other one left open. In 2 weeks when the ban is automatically lifted you can add to the original thread with new information or even BUMP the thread.

    If anyone can offer any suggestions to this member it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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