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  • Word not closing

    I originally posted this as an extension to an existing similar thread with no response so I am submitting again as a new thread.

    I am having a problem with Word sometimes not closing. When I try to close Word, the file will close immediately but the application becomes unresponsive. When I try to close the application it will hang for quite some time before closing - if it closes at all. Most times I close it from Task Manager.

    I have removed unneccessary applications, did a repair from the office installation disk but everything is still the same. I then went ahead and uninstalled office, rebooted and reinstalled.

    It looks like everything is the same as before. Even Outlook opened up as if nothing had happened. Shouldn't uninstall have moved everything out of registry etc? I expected to have to setup Outlook and point it to my .pst etc but it all just came straight back !!! I'm not sure whether the uninstall actually happened although it disappeared from 'Add / Remove Programs'.

    I do a lot of cut and paste and I think it is because there is stuff on the clipboard that it will not close. It has asked me once or twice if I want to keep the stuff on the clipboard or not. If I say 'no' then it closes immediatelybut most times I don't get the option.

    So it looks like I may have 2 issues.

    The first and most important is Word.
    How can I make sure the clipboard is cleared so that Word closes as it should do?
    Is it just a setting that I have wrong? Any ideas???

    The second is possibly the Office XP installation.

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    Re: Word not closing

    Are there any errors in the Event Viewer about this problem?

    Also, even if you have a problem that is similar to another member, you should ALWAYS start your own thread. Ta.
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