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Install/Deploy Office 2003 to Terminal Server W2K3

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  • Install/Deploy Office 2003 to Terminal Server W2K3

    I have a Terminal Server configured and locked down using Group policy. I want to make Office 2003 available and Outlook to Autoconfigure when opened.

    From what I have read it seems there is a few ways to achieve this. The environment I have is W2K3 AD.

    What is the cleanest way to achieve this, any links and opinions will be much appreciated.


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    Re: Install/Deploy Office 2003 to Terminal Server W2K3

    Installation is a "one off" process -- remember to install via Add-Remove Programs to ensure TS in switched to install mode (or use the command-line switch)

    As far as autoconfiguration of Outlook goes, check some of the links in this search and deploy them through a logon script
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      Re: Install/Deploy Office 2003 to Terminal Server W2K3

      I hadn't read Ossians reply but this is what i came up with.

      Unsure if this is the "Cleanest" way to achieve this but i decided to use the PRF file approach. (/importprf when running outlook)

      To create the PRF file I used the following ref point:

      Then create a shortcut to Outlook.exe in the start menu that references my PRF File - i modified the path as follows;

      "outlook.exe" /importprf "\\server1\share\outlook.prf"
      (I copied this shortcut to the share where my terminal services users Start menu redirection points to)

      In the Prf - specify exchange server name and mailbox name as %username% Also ensure that OverwriteExistingService=NO

      I have one last issue now which is for users that dont have a mailbox associated with there account. The %username% will not work. Any suggestions?