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Outlook as a Personal Contact Keeper?

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  • Outlook as a Personal Contact Keeper?

    Is there a way either by a switch or an add on to turn Outlook 2003 into a personal contact keeper instead of a business format?


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    Re: Outlook as a Personal Contact Keeper?

    i dont know what you mean exactly, but you can use Outlook to manage contacts...

    i use it to manage my personal contacts. i create an outlook profile. get it set up and working.. then i add another email account. on the second account, make it without an email address or a non-working one... set the send and recieve to manual and then sync the phone with that account. only select 'contacts' to syncronize using the method the phone manufacturer provides: intellisync with and nokia, activesync with WM/5-6, whatever...

    you can do the same for each of your phones. i used to carry two phones, one personal and one work. i would sync the personal with one, and the work one on the default profile.

    then when i would get a new phone or a replacement, i could just set it to sync with the account that matched the phone i was using... without having to save everything on the SIM card or retype all the numbers again.

    i also use this method to set up phones i give out at work. before i assign the phone, i will sync it with a profile that contains all the numbers of city agencies and contacts that pertain to our work. i have some phones that arent as 'smart' as others so i cant use activesync with all of them.

    this allowed me to manage contacts easier, because i could export them all to a .csv or an address file as a master backup.

    is that close to what you mean as personal contact manager??
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