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Excel: VLOOKUP creates bloated files.. but only sometimes?

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  • Excel: VLOOKUP creates bloated files.. but only sometimes?


    I have two Excel "form" files that use the "VLOOKUP" function to retrieve information from another spreadsheet (the same spreadsheet for both files).

    One of the two is merely 74 KB in size, even though there are many occurrences of VLOOKUP spread over 26 rows and 55 columns(!!).

    The other file, though, takes up 1,032 KB - even though it contains less formulas than the other one. I tried to investigate this file with a hex editor, and it seems like the formulas results are saved along with the file - even when the values themselves are blank!

    Neither file has any pictures or anything else that can be responsible for a bloated size.

    Any ideas how to fix this? Surely, if one file can use VLOOKUP and be so small, the other one should be, too - yet I haven't found a way to make this happen; whatever I do, it stays bloated.