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Excel Escaping spaces in hyperlinks

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  • Excel Escaping spaces in hyperlinks

    Hi i am experiencing a problem where my excel is escaping the spaces with %20 when i create a hyperlink and when it escapes the spaces in the file and folder names the hyperlink wont work is there a way around this as on other machines i use excel doesnt do this and the hyperlinks work fine.


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    Re: Excel Escaping spaces in hyperlinks

    could you explain what 'escaping' the spaces means?

    i have tried hyperlinks with spaces, and i dont have any problems with it. i was trying to recreate the event you were experiencing, but i dont really know what you mean...

    frig sample, i have a server named 'XI' it is the main file server...

    it has a folder called "Departmental Procedures"

    if i type it in excel as '\\xi\Departmental Procedures' it follows the link fine.

    if i type it like \\xi\Departmental%20Procedures it works fine also.

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