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Change the Office 2003 Installation Path

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  • Change the Office 2003 Installation Path

    I've installed Office 2003 from a Network Install Point to all of my computers. All of my domain controllers, save one, have a share like this:

    I used that exact path (not a mapped drive letter) to install Office. Now that I have access to DFS, I'm wanting to utilize this to help me deploy computers.

    I've searched the registry on two of my computers and have found 8 places where this path is stored. My question is this:

    If I change this path (with a login script or something) to:

    Then create a Domain DFS Root with the Office install point on it, will my computers (~50 of them) use this path for upgrades, addins, and such?


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    Re: Change the Office 2003 Installation Path

    Not sure if the network install keeps the same file structure but I would have thought it would so, have a look under \\DCname\drivers\programs\Office2k3\FILES\SETUP\ open the appropriate file and change the target path and don't forget to remove the SEMICOLON at the beginning of the live to make it "active".
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