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POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

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  • POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

    Hi All,

    Problem: "Office XP End User License Agreement" window keeps popping up in various Office applications. Repair has not corrected it, neither has uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling office.

    Circumstance: Changed workstation to different domain, after running File and Settings Backup Wizard. Restore after changeover, crashed out. Managed to get it to run ok. Problems started happening in Windows. Ran a WinXP SP2 disk and repaired windows. Uninstalled office rebooted and reinstalled, but popup keeps coming back!

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks so much,


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    Re: POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

    Does your particular copy of Office require activation? If so, reactivate it.

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      Re: POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

      Thanks mate, but it has already been activated. I did it myself online, and registered it! Frustrating I tell you.

      PS. I is still popping up.


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        Re: POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

        Try renaming your profile and then logging off and back on again to allow windows to create a new profile for you. Sounds like something is a bit screwed up somewhere. You'll have to configure Outlook again but at least you will find out if it fixes the problem or not.

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          Re: POPUP - Office XP End User License Agreement

          I had a similar problem where I installed Office as the domain admin on a PC. I forgot to start Word or Excel from my login. When the user logged in, the license agreement would pop up every time they started Word. Priviledges for the end user were limited. I went back in as the domain admin, started Word and acknowledged the license agreement. Now, when the end user logged in and started word, the pop up never showed up again. Perhaps something similar is going on with your setup.