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Outlook 03 - Cant open file error message

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  • Outlook 03 - Cant open file error message

    I have two user who are using Outlook 2003 and Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Pro software. Both users scan alot of PDF documents to their own emai. Recently both of these users are receiving the following error when trying to open or save PDF from outlook. It appears to be some type of permissioning problem but i can not figure it out... Ive google this error message and came up with nothing...
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    Re: Outlook 03 - Cant open file error message


    correct me if I'm wrong, but they were able to perform this action before?

    I don`t know the exact settings of Adobe 8, but could it be that there were modifications in the settings within Adobe 8?

    Normally the user would have complete ownership of his/her own mailbox, so basically ther shouldn't be al problem with rights on the mailbox ans sub folders.
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