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Send emails from a colleague's account

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  • Send emails from a colleague's account

    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how i can setup Outlook so one of the users i support can send emails with another user's email account.
    I have try to give the "send on behalf of" right in the AD Users mmc properties and also gave delegate rights on the mailbox inside Outlook (right to create items) but the emails are then received on the form "sender colleague1 on behalf of colleague2". Thats the "on behalf of" who doesn't fit right.
    As an administrator i have got that freaking power to send emails from anyone in the address book and people receiving emails can really believe then than someone else than me sent it.
    How about domain users? Is such a thing possible?

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    Re: Send emails from a colleague's account

    Thankfully is a common request and well documented too.

    see here

    and a snip

    1. Create a new mailbox or group object in Active Directory Users and Computers with the appropriate domain name.

    2. Go to the View menu and select Advanced Features.

    3. Under Users, right-click the mailbox or group object and select Properties.

    4. Under Security -> Advanced, click Add and type the username that you want to grant Send As permissions to.

    5. Click Check Names to make sure you have the name right and then click OK.

    6. In the Permission Entry dialog, select "This object only" in the "Apply to" dropdown, and then check "Allow" under "Send As" in the Permissions list. Make sure no other permissions are being explicitly granted.

    7. Click OK to close all the dialogs.
    Then when you compose an email, put the other users name in the from field. (you may need to check the "from field" under view)
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      Re: Send emails from a colleague's account

      Thanks a lot for a very well explained answer. That worked