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excel "save as" hanging

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  • excel "save as" hanging

    Hello Office gurus,

    My excel hangs when i try a save as...

    I'm running 2002 office pro and have scoured the box for unmapped and persistant maps. I even did a reinstall as well as remove the security fix KB...(sorry forgot the MS # ref.). I'm at a loss here. What's really frustrating is that other users using the same shared folder can save as instantaneously. I've run a full scan for spy/ad/virus/trojans. What can I do?


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    Re: excel "save as" hanging

    what about local saving? does it hang then?

    between you and the others, any difference in security group membership?

    do you have any 3rd party applications installed? like maybe you have a signature pad (i do. to sign digital documents) that has macros...

    does it do this with anything else besides excel? maybe a bad network drop?

    are you sure you have permission to create in that shared folder? can you "save" the document, or does it hang too? like you have modify permission but not create...

    what happens if you try to right click and create a new text document on the shared folder? are you allowed?

    what about word documents? try to save a .doc file on the shared drive.
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      Re: excel "save as" hanging

      Hi James,

      Word is the same. Permission on the network drive is not an issue. I really am stumpted with this one. As far as the user tells me, no recent additions to his PC has been made. As it stands, I have made him store his .xls stuff locally and just bring it into the network share at the end of the day.



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        Re: excel "save as" hanging

        So local works.

        Another network "User" or "Admin" logs on THAT box and tries to save to the share (where they can save from another workstation) -- fails or works???

        Move this user to another machine, same share -- fails or works???.

        If the answer is (works, fails) then it's looking like a permission issue w/ that user. If the converse, something is probably messed up w/ that workstation and its office install or networking.


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          Re: excel "save as" hanging

          And when you start excel in save mode:
          "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /safemode
          then try Saveas.

          other things to try:
          "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /regserver
          (works with other office applications as wel)
          And you then restart Excel in the normal manner.

          Under Tools, Options, General --> UNcheck "Ignore other Applications" (?)

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