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  • excel-fx

    Trying to find out how I can get a sentence typed across 4 cells can be right clicked (high lighted) and its contects show up in the fx field underneath the toolbar?

    I opened a spreadsheet that has two sentences that run along two rows. The second sentence I can click the first word and it displays the entire second sentence in the fx field.

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    Re: excel-fx

    Would you please post a screen shot or two or three or four showing the relevant points in your query? Would help me (and I'm certain, others) visualize and resolve your problem more rapidly.


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      Re: excel-fx

      Two sentences I have in 14 cells/2 rows:

      Reciept: Sum $5.00 donation for 1 Bar-B-Q plate to be
      redeemed on Sunday, April 15, 2007 between 11am-2pm.

      If I click on the word redeemed the whole second sentence shows up in the Fx field. I am trying to get the first sentence to display in the same manner.


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        Re: excel-fx

        When you type a sentence into a cell and it's longer than the cell, it APPEARS to cross several cell boundaries; however it all stays in the first cell - if you expand the cell you will see what I mean. To make a sentence in SEVERAL cells you would need to type a word, move to the next cell, type another word... etc etc. Your "Redeemed" sentence is in ONE cell, the other sentence is not.

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          Re: excel-fx

          You might also want to check out the MERGE CELLS and WORD WRAP options -- both in FORMAT--CELLS--ALIGNMENT

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            Re: excel-fx

            Use Alt-Enter in the formula bar to start a new line in the same cell.
            Is that what you try to do?


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