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downgrading from office 2003

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  • downgrading from office 2003

    hi ,
    i need to downgrade from office 2003 to office 2000
    i need to know what files are essntial to keep the outlook working properly in its originale state ( at office 2003) besides .pst ...

    and does anyone knows if there is a special problem with downgrading to office 2000 from office 2003 ?
    any file types? any macros?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: downgrading from office 2003

    So you want to keep Outlook 2003 and go with the rest in Office 2000.

    Worst case, you will uninstall all Office 2003, install Office 2000 less Outlook 2000 and then install Outlook 2003.

    Best case is you will remove all of Office 2003 except Outlook 2003 and install Office 2000 less Outlook 2000.

    Try the best case and be prepared for the worst case. Obviously, the different versions of Office will need to be in different directories. Not much call to downgrade versions so I have not tested either scenario.

    I have installed Photo Editor from Office XP with an existing Office 2003 installation so there is hope that you can install older Office on a machine with newer Office and not muck it all up but my case was much more simple than yours.

    EDIT -- PST's should not be an issue as you are sticking with Office 2003. The rest of Outlook 2003 will either remain in the best case or get reinstalled in the worst case.

    Good luck.
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      Re: downgrading from office 2003

      many thanx

      your idea has halped my resolve the solution!
      even though i wanted all of the office to be downgraded ( sorry for not explaining correctly)
      i have saved the .pst and backed up the personal folders and the archive.

      with installing the outlook 2000 it has asked me for costumising the pst for older version and all i had to do is tell it ( the installation prgram) yes.

      quit easy id say.

      many thanx.