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Partially Installing MSOffice 2000 from CD

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  • Partially Installing MSOffice 2000 from CD

    I hope this is the correct Forum for this post . I've chosen it as I don't see any referring to Office 2000 specifically.

    I only want to install MS Access from the Office 2000 CD but keep getting the full install.

    When I select CUSTOM INSTALL , I get the list of components of the Office Suite , each one with a little "+" sign next to it.

    I changed this sign to a "-ve" sign against each of the undesired components , i.e. I put a "-ve" sign against WORD, OUTLOOK,EXCEL,POWERPOINT ...etc but these were all installed with ACCESS which was the only one I had left with a "+" sign.

    What am I doing wrong here, please ?

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    Re: Partially Installing MSOffice 2000 from CD

    I did a partial install of Office XP on my machine w/ Office 2003 just to get Photo Editor.

    I realize this isn't Office 2000 but the tips in the following link may help:


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      Re: Partially Installing MSOffice 2000 from CD

      The "+" and "-" signs are not plus and minus - they are "expanded" and "collapsed".

      You need to select the icon to the RIGHT of the "+", next to the feature you want to remove, and select " X Not Available". That feature will then not be installed.

      The picture is a snap from Office 2003 setup; but they're almost the same.
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        Re: Partially Installing MSOffice 2000 from CD

        Reply to STONELAUGHTER and RVALSTAR.

        Thanks for those replies. Much appreciated.