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MS Access & SQL Server security issue (WAS: Off topic - MS Access)

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  • MS Access & SQL Server security issue (WAS: Off topic - MS Access)

    I know there is no actual forum for this, but i thought i might start a thread about Security and Access, We run SQL for our accounts package which accesses the tables through the application, now the accounts manager has written an access db that queries the SQL table to run a "sales and proposals" database. The problem is that you can now access the Accounts tables with this app. Not something i'm happy with. I've tried removing full menus but you can still bypass that with the shift key, as with making an mde file.

    does anyone have any suggestions how to lockdown an access db but still allow the user to export to a excell spreadsheet etc

    apologese if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it


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    Re: Off topic - MS Access

    Sorry but this doesn't seem to be an access problem to me.

    You need to look at securing the SQL database that it is accessing and not the actual access database.


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      Re: Off topic - MS Access

      Which accounts package?

      As said, look at SQL server security and it will let you control permissions very tightly.

      As there is no SQL forum, and Office is mentioned, I'm moving this thread to the Office forum

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