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Office 2003 upgrade print problem

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  • Office 2003 upgrade print problem

    Hi All,
    We recently upgraded to Office 2003 from Office 97 and have since experienced an unusual problem. Our printing consists of many Word documents containing text and merge fields printed to multiple networked HP printers. The problem, which is intermittant and cannot be duplicated on demand, consists of various lines of document text and/or fields that appear ok until the print button is clicked. As soon as the print button is clicked these various text lines and/or fields instantly overwrite and compress to their left margin, tab, or indent. The result appears as a black blob as though all characters were printed one on top of each other. Not all text or fields are affected. We've tried all available print drivers and rebooted printers and print server, but the problem keeps reappearing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Office 2003 upgrade print problem

    I realize this will sound odd but last time I had a printing problem like this was with an OS upgrade to W2K and an HP870 Deskjet (shows this was a while back). Came to learn the video driver has a lot to do w/ the printing process.

    Have you confirmed the problem happens on machines w/ different video setups and have you tried to obtain the latest video driver?

    May be a reach here but it's worth a try.


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      Re: Office 2003 upgrade print problem

      Thanks Rick, I'll check it out.