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Backing Up Auto-Type in Outlook

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  • Backing Up Auto-Type in Outlook

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a good solution for backing up auto-type in outlook and outlook express as the import export features of these programs overlook this and I have discovered many users refer to auto-type as their contacts list.

    I have tracked down the files in the documents and settings and tried to copy them from one profile to another but with no luck.

    If anyone knows a simple way of getting the auto-type data I would be grateful. Thanks


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    Re: Backing Up Auto-Type in Outlook

    Okay, no one got back to me on that one. But if you are interestd what you need to do to backup the autotype in outlook is:-

    1/ Browse to the Documents and settings file > Username > Local Settings > Application Data > Outlook.

    2/ With show hidden files enable copy the two *.nk2 files from that profile and paste them into the new profile.

    That should do it, I only asked for help on this as I was unsuccessful at first and thought I had done something wrong.

    BTW, make sure the *.nk2 files are identically named or it won't work.




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      Re: Backing Up Auto-Type in Outlook

      Cogent, well done on your research and thank you for posting your solution. It is appreciated.
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