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Office XP Trapped

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  • Office XP Trapped

    Hello everyone.

    This past week I signed up for the new MS Office Live Basics Beta so I could get my new small business website off the ground. I had downloaded and installed Outlook Connector so I could pull the new business email accounts into my existing version of Outllook 2002. Afte this being unseccessful and troubleshooting some I found that using this configuration is only available to Office Live Essentials clients.

    After I uninstalled Outlook Connector I found Outlook 2002 began acting strange. I could no longer choose which email accounts to send from when starting a new message, the Rules Wizard dissapeared from my Tools menu, and I could no longer send/receive messages. It was obvious Outlook 2002 was corrupted after the uninstall so I attempted to detect and repair Outlook 2002 (did not correct the problems), repair Office XP (same result) and uninstall and reinstall Office XP (same result). I then proceeded to use system restore hoping it would bring me back to the pre-Outlook Connector configguration. System Restore did restore most of my functionality but when I attempted to repair both Outlook and unisntall Office through control panel/add-remove programs but I got a message that I no longer had access to these applications. I was able to install anew version of Office and have restored most of my functionality but I can no longer get updates to Office on the update website.

    I contacted MS on this and they gave me the "so sorry our apps caused you trouble, they are out of warranty so if you want our email support fork up $35. Hell, I wouldn't be in this mess if their app uninstalled correctly.

    I'd like to get the old version of Office XP off the computer and reinstall everything fresh without having to rebuild to and reformat the HD. Does any of this make sense and do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Office XP Trapped

    Have a look at Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and see if that helps.
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      Re: Office XP Trapped

      Thank you very much for the advice, the utility did the trick

      Have a great weekend!