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Office 365 + DirSync/ADFS + "afterwards"

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  • Office 365 + DirSync/ADFS + "afterwards"

    So, I understand that I can setup AD with federated services, trust my onsite AD with Office365 and have changes all managed at the AD end.

    My question would be this:

    if I have "" as my local AD domain, and "" with separate authentication for Office365, what would happen if I setup ADFS and dirsync?

    would cloud-users be pushed down to AD, or would I have to do a whole heap of shitting around, mapping users to the relevant cloud account ?
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    Re: Office 365 + DirSync/ADFS + "afterwards"

    The way it's supposed to work is if the email address property of the object in AD matches the UPN in Office 365, it's supposed to associate the two objects. In my test environment I wasn't able to get this to work but only spent an hour on it.

    I would call up tech support and have them work with you on it.

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