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Seeking help with SharePoint Online Calculated fileds

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  • Seeking help with SharePoint Online Calculated fileds

    I am creating a new table/form in Sharepoint online. Let me first explain what I am trying to do.

    1. I have 2 pieces of equipment that need to be greased every 10 days (Decanter and Roller Bearings)
    2. I also have a magnet that needs to be cleaned every 4 days

    I would like to create a calculated field in my list to show remaining days from last completion for each of the above items.

    I currently have a checkbox "Decanter Last Greased", which when checked will give a calculated response in the next column (=IF(Decanter_Last_Greased,Date+10,0)). This works to give me the next greasing date (on this entry), but gives me a date of 12/30/1899 if the box is not checked.
    Is it possible to have this column update automatically with every new entry to the form (until the box is checked again and the date is reset, similar to a countdown on each entry until it has to be completed again?
    And then I would like to be able to have this calculated field show in the form as they complete the entry. (I believe this can be done through webparts/javascript, so I am not that worried about help on this atm).

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
    Here is the beginiing of the list, the last calculated column does not show in the entry form. Here is what currently shows in the basic form entry.