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  • migration to office365

    Hi all,

    We are in the middle of moving from exchange to office 365 about 6000 users to migrate

    according to this and many other urls its asking to create csv and follow this template, which works fine for few users.

    "Important PSTs to the correct mailboxs"

    Here is the Problem

    We have 6000 user i have all pst into one shared folder names user1.pst, user2.pst and so on ....(according to their loginname)

    I need to create a powershell script which will read all the pst files from that folder and puts into the csv file as well as email address as [email protected] as per the template.

    How do I achieved this? I am sure other people have migrated large number of mailboxes to office365

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    Whoa! You're going to do that for 6000 users?

    If it were me, I would change the approach. What version of Exchange are you running? If it's 2007 or newer I would configure AAD Connect, setup ADFS and proxy, and do a Hybrid migration, .

    That way users don't have to change their Outlook profile, no massive exporting data to Office 365 just to have the users download it again (to a new OST).
    User will also keep using their existing credentials and only need to manage one user.
    A lot more flexibility with moving mailboxes and routing. No need for one massive downtime for the whole company. You can move users in phases.

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