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Cloud backup for Office 365. Need advice

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  • Cloud backup for Office 365. Need advice


    I am thinking about using a data backup and recovery solution for my office 365 account. I read about the Office 365 cloud backup for data retention and recovery options.

    Reading the advantages made me feel I should be signing up for that. [MOD EDIT LIVE LINK TO storagepipe DELETED] It was also recommended by our tech support in our office. But, I am thinking whether a service like the Office 365 requires a data protection and backup service.

    Would you recommend such a data protection solution? Please share your suggestions.

    [MOD EDIT - we do NOT like new posters coming up with live links to commercial products - names, yes, but links no]
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    Should you perform your own backup of your Office 365 data? Probably. Microsoft's backup and retention policies for O365 are intended to protect Microsoft and to allow them to recover from a critical data loss. They're not really intended to protect the individual customer from a critical data loss. While Microsoft may be able to recover and restore some data for an individual customer, I wouldn't count on that alone for my critical data.