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Office 365 Mailbox Size report ?

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  • Office 365 Mailbox Size report ?

    I've been asked to get a report of our users mailbox size use. I've been trying various powershell commands but can't get any to work. The basic one I am trying

    "get-mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | get-mailboxstatistics | sort -property totalitemsize | select-object Displayname,totalItemsize,totaldeleteditemsize | export-csv c:\_temp\Mailusers.csv

    That says "WARNING: By default, only the first 1000 items are returned. Use the ResultSize parameter to specify the number of items returned. To return all items, specify "
    -ResultSize Unlimited". Be aware that, depending on the actual number of items, returning all items can take a long time and consume a large amount of memory." I need a list for all users. (we have about 17,000) So I try adding the -ResultSize Unlimited as it says but then get This

    WARNING: Proxy creation has been skipped for the following command: 'Add-AvailabilityAddressSpace, Add-DistributionGroupMember, Add-MailboxFolderPermission, Add-
    MailboxPermission, Add-ManagementRoleEntry, Add-PublicFolderClientPermission, Add-RecipientPermission, Add-RoleGroupMember, Add-UnifiedGroupLinks, Clear-ActiveSy
    ncDevice, Clear-MobileDevice, Clear-TextMessagingAccount, Compare-TextMessagingVerificationCode, Complete-MigrationBatch, Disable-App, Disable-HostedContentFilte
    rRule, Disable-InboxRule, Disable-JournalArchiving, Disable-JournalRule, Disable-Mailbox, Disable-MailPublicFolder, Disable-MalwareFilterRule, Disable-OutlookPro
    tectionRule, Disable-TransportRule, Disable-UMAutoAttendant, Disable-UMCallAnsweringRule, Disable-UMIPGateway, Disable-UMMailbox, Enable-App, Enable-HostedConten
    tFilterRule, Enable-InboxRule, Enable-JournalRule, Enable-Mailbox, Enable-MailPublicFolder, Enable-MalwareFilterRule, Enable-OrganizationCustomization, Enable-Ou
    tlookProtectionRule, Enable-TransportRule, Enable-UMAutoAttendant, Enable-UMCallAnsweringRule, Enable-UMIPGateway, Enable-UMMailbox, Export-MailboxDiagnosticLogs
    , Export-MigrationReport, Export-TransportRuleCollection, Export-UMCallDataRecord, Export-UMPrompt, Get-AcceptedDomain, Get-ActiveSyncDevice, Get-ActiveSyncDevic
    eAccessRule, Get-ActiveSyncDeviceClass, Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics, Get-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy, Get-Act...........

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    why dont you try something like this?

    Get-MailboxStatistics [email protected] | ft DisplayName, TotalItemSize, ItemCount


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      Because I need a report of all staff users not just one at a time. We have about 2200.