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Hoo Boy is this annoying...

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  • Hoo Boy is this annoying...

    Hi there. 2 days ago, we did our cut over to Office 365. Everything from the user side is hunky dory. But me...Poor, poor me! As a user and an admin, I find myself having to log out of our tenant, close my browser, then log in to O365 as a user. Then, I have to log out of O365, close my browser, and re-login if I need to access the tenant. Is it just me? Anyone have a way around this?

    Grrr, and thanks!

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    Nope that's just the way it works.

    As a work around have 2 browsers, IE and Chrome, and open one in each. Its the only way around it that i've found


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      Thanks wullieb1; that's what I'm doing. I guess it makes sense. Thanks