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#65 Hybrid Environment Calendar Permissions Problems

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  • #65 Hybrid Environment Calendar Permissions Problems

    So we have a hybrid Environment setup with some users in our local Exchange and some in the 365 Cloud. We're staring the process of migrating other users to the cloud but we can't do them all at once so for the time being some users will be on each side. We have a lot of people sharing calendars to each other with varying levels of permissions. The problem we're having is for example yesterday I moved one user to the cloud. She access three shared calendars of users that are still on premise. Of those 3 one which she has reviewer rights to still works but the other 2 that she has publishing author rights to all she sees is Free/busy. So its not even that it flat out doesn't work for users on either site its inconsistent. Is there anything I can do to make the calendar permissions work all the time?

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    As far as i'm led to believe users who are on-premise cannot access the calendars of those off-premise and vice versa.

    We have an identical issue.

    But a quick Google search seems to find what we need


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      I've seen some of the same Google results. I even have a case open with Microsoft (not that its done me any good) and if it flat out didn't work or wasn't supported I'd just go with that. But like I mentioned for the one user so far. Sh was moved to the cloud and can still access on of 3 local calendars. So if it works for one why not the others? I just can't find the reason as the settings for the other 2 beyond having greater permissions seem the same.