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Converting documents from 97-2003 to 2013

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  • Converting documents from 97-2003 to 2013

    We have a client with thousands of documents in 97-2003 format - mostly Word documents.

    They have some really complex documents (like 37 page word documents with tables spanning the entire length of the document (!)) and these are not running very well at all in comparability mode - they are freezing up during processing/printing etc.

    Once they are converted to the new format, they work fine.

    At the moment we are making the users convert each document, save it and then delete the old one, as they use each file for the first time.

    Just wondering if there is any program that could automate this process?
    David Silvester
    Systems Administrator

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    Re: Converting documents from 97-2003 to 2013

    have you read this blog on the topic at hand? if i am reading your post correctly, the following should help you out a ton...

    Bulk Convert DOC to DOCX
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      Re: Converting documents from 97-2003 to 2013

      I do not listen about any utility automating such conversion. The problem is somewhat big, especially if you have not only Word documents but some Open Office files (presumable, in old Office .doc format) with a complex structure needed to be converted in modern format. Nobody can help?