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Office 2010 and shared folder access

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  • Office 2010 and shared folder access

    I have a user who suddenly cannot access MS Office 2010 documents on a shared drive. Yesterday it was fine as it has been forever and today he gets an "access denied" error when he tries to open an Excel or Word document on a shared drive. To the best of my knowledge nothing has changed. This user is not a "fiddler" and normally has no problems.

    He has full permissions on that shared folder, first inherited through the "everyone" object on this "shared" folder and then through specific permissions I gave him on the sub-folder that holds the files in question . From the same location he can open other file types such as .PDF's, and he can copy and paste the exact same office documents from the shared drive to his PC where he can open them without incident.

    I have gone to different folders inside this shared folder and looked at his effective permissions: full permissions at ever point. It appears to be related to how Office 2010 is handling opening remote files. I have tried going though his normal mapped drive and through UNC paths with the same results.

    I am a little stumped here. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access -UPDATE

    I found this error id 300 in the event log repeated many times. Here is the XML version:
    - <Event xmlns="">
    - <System>
    <Provider Name="Microsoft Office 14 Alerts" />
    <EventID Qualifiers="0">300</EventID>
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-05-28T14:08:12.000000000Z" />
    <Security />
    - <EventData>
    <Data>Microsoft Excel</Data>
    <Data>Access denied. Contact your administrator.</Data>
    <Data />
    <Data />


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      Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

      Have you checked the Number of Users Access limit for Shared Folder ?


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        Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

        Thank you, Swapneel, for the reply.

        Unfortunately, that isn't the problem. The number of simultaneous accesses allowed is a really high number that far exceeds the number of people there.


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          Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

          Possibly not related, but have seen issues with network access (very slow / freezes) caused by the "Office File Validation Add-in"

          Worth a try locating it in Programs & Features and uninstalling (if present) to see if it cures the problem
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            Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

            Thank you, Ossian, for your reply.

            I had not checked that add-in previously, but alas, I just did and he does not have that installed.


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              Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

              Resources Which you are trying to Aceess Via Name, have you tried to access by IP ?


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                Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

                Thank you Swapnell,

                It isn't a DNS problem. He can browse to the shared folder, he can open the entire folder hierarchy through the mapped drive and/or through the UNC path. He can see all of the the files and he can open other files in that same folder such as .PDF or .TXT. He just cannot open MS 2010 Word or Excel documents.

                He can copy the documents from the server to his PC and can then open them on his PC. I was originally working on the assumption that he somehow lost the right to delete a temp file on the server but that does not appear to be the case as he has full permissions everywhere within the folder hierarchy.

                I also tried a repair operation on his 2010 Office but that didn't help.


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                  Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

                  What if he logs on to another computer and trys? I'm leaning towards profile related issues. Another possibility is this person is inhering a deny from some other group.
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                    Re: Office 2010 and shared folder access

                    Why dont you try to Open a file which either created in office 2003 or which saved using office 97-2003 Option !