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Outlook 2010 Categories and Flag Colours

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  • Outlook 2010 Categories and Flag Colours


    We have recently migrated from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010 (finally). However, there is a feature that is now missing in Outlook 2010 that is causing us grief.

    Basically we have a shared mailbox, multiple staff members accessing the same box at different times. As an email comes in, in Outlook 2003 they would assign a coloured flag to it (i.e. red flag for urgent, green for normal etc) and then they would assign a category to it. They then arrange the emails by categories, or flag colour depending on what they are working on.

    However, in Outlook 2010 it looks like they have replaced the ability to set coloured flags. I have tried assigning 2 categories, but when I arrange by categories, any emails with 2 categories will appear twice in the mailbox, once under each category, which is confusing.

    Is there a way I can 'assign' an email to a user/name (can be added manually), and then colour code it and arrange by either and only see one instance of that email in the mailbox?

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    Re: Outlook 2010 Categories and Flag Colours

    You can do "conditional formatting" in views so all emails from people matching specific requirements are in a different colour/font

    To solve your category problem, though, change the view from categories to something else - categories view is the only one where emails show up under every category you assign - elsewhere they appear colour coded with the "last assigned" category
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      Re: Outlook 2010 Categories and Flag Colours


      Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the late response. Unfortunately your suggestion didn't quite meet our requirements, however I did manage to find a way to do it using categories and custom flags.

      Below are instructions on how I resolved this, in case anyone else needs a solution

      How to assign a colour and a name to an email in Outlook 2010

      Outlook categories can be used to assign a colour to an email, and the Follow Up Flag can be used to assign an email to a staff member.

      First, show the Follow Up Flag field
      1. Open the mailbox you wish to configure
      2. Right click on any of title bars in the inbox
      3. Click on Field Chooser
      4. Click and drag Follow Up Flag from the field chooser, and place it next to the field you want it to appear in

      To assign an email to a staff member
      1. Open the email you wish to assign
      2. Click on the Follow Up button
      3. Select Custom
      4. Type in the name of the consultant you wish to assign the email to
      5. Set a reminder if you wish to schedule a follow up in your Outlook calendar
      6. Click on OK

      To assign a colour to an email based on priority
      This can be done using categories.
      1. Right click on the email
      2. Choose the colour you want to assign to the email, based on priority