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Unable to open a xls spread sheet in outlook

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  • Unable to open a xls spread sheet in outlook

    Hi folks. I have just joined the forum and trust that I will be able to receive assistance with this unusual issue. I am using office 2010 and from 2 weeks ago I have been unable to open xls spread sheets that I received from certain clients. what makes this issue so unique is prior to this occurring I could open the spread sheets with no hassle. I can not even preview the document. However if I send it to a Colleague who uses office 2007 and they rename the file and send it back to me the spread sheet opens with no problems. the message I receive when trying to open the spread sheet is as follows:

    Cannot create file: Nedgroup Investments Prices.xls. Right click the folder you want to create the file in and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check your permissions for the folder

    I have followed the above but i am not opening the file in any folder and I can not copy and paste the attachment either.

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    Re: Unable to open a xls spread sheet in outlook

    Sounds like you're opening attachments. Tried saving them first? Also after doing so, rename them on your PC.
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      Re: Unable to open a xls spread sheet in outlook

      Hi Wired

      Yes it is attachments that I am trying to open. I have tried to save them to my desktop but I receive the same message. It also does not allow me to drag the attachment across to the desktop. I have also deleted the Temp Internet Files to see if that could be the cause but still no joy.