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Color coding folders

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  • CNBarnes
    started a topic Color coding folders

    Color coding folders

    Either my googling skillz are ebbing low, or what seems like it would be a fairly easy thing to do isn't.

    Can someone tell me how to "color code" folders in Outlook 2010 (using an Exchange 2010 server, if that matters).

    I have a user who has a couple hundred folders, most of them nested at least 3-4 levels deep. For obvious reasons, she wants to be able to color code them.

    Using category colors would be an acceptable option, IF that was possible....

  • Ossian
    Re: Color coding folders

    Does not appear to be native, but changing the icon is possible with code:

    You can colour code emails within a folder using Conditional Formatting in a view but thats not really wat you want

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