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Word doc stripping document restrictions

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  • Word doc stripping document restrictions

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone may be able to enlighten me on a problem I am having with a restricted word document?

    I have created a doc and then underneath the developer tab selected 'Restrict Editing', then I have selected certain parts of the sheet that I want everyone to be able to edit and then I restrict editing and create a password - that all works fine.

    The document is then held on a server where it is shared between 20 or so users but obviously only one user at a time can access it.

    Initially the protection is there and works perfectly but after a certain amount of time(maybe a couple of weeks; I only check it when there is a problem) the document is no longer restricted and anyone who has permissions to access the sheet can edit it fully which is not desirable as a lot of them don't know what they are doing and it ends up becoming unusable - the reason why I put restrictions on in the first place!

    Can anyone enlighten me on what might be happening in these two weeks or why the permissions are being stripped?

    - The document is a docx created in Word 2010
    - The server version is Windows Server 2003

    Many thanks in advance!